Mix not match

The Plauge of Doves by Louise Erdrich.
Design and illustration by Archie Ferguson.

Ferguson seems to channel Escher in this striking cover for Erdrich's novel of mystery steeped in a past of mixed-blood parentage. Given the description, the illustration seems particularly apt, as the doves don't quite mix and create black doves in the negative space as we've become accustomed to from the Escher prints. The cover is produced in a manner similar to that of All the Sad Young Literary Men. It is printed on a light stock, light coated, with spot gloss on the blacks to enhance them. The illustration above is appropriately dusted, with red and blue rays extending from the sun (unfortunately this scan doesn't adequately render the illustration). It almost seems to suggest that the illustration could be 3-D, if only you had the right frames with which to view it.

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